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Meet Rev. Bryan and
Mrs. Stephanie Reeves

Rev. Bryan A Reeves is the pastor at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Richton Park, IL. He is celebrating 16 years as a Pastor in the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod this year.

Mrs. Stephanie Reeves has been Head of School at Ascension Lutheran Christian School since 2019.

Bryan and Stephanie grew up together at St. Philip's Lutheran Church in Cleveland. They even sang in the children's choir together there. They were married at St. Philip's Lutheran Church in Cleveland 21 years ago.

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"In September I sensed that God was leading me into a 30 day liquid fast and time of prayer.  During this time the themes that were on my heart were that after 15 years in ministry is there more God could be asking of me? This was also a time of reflection of the journey that my family and I have been on during these 15 years. After the fast, the conversation switched and became about supporting my wife and the ministry that God has her doing at Ascension. It became a blend of celebrating 15 years of pastoral ministry and helping support her ministry as Head of School. What better way than to walk every step of the journey from where ministry began for us both.  I walked in to Forged Fitness Solutions -where Bryan [Beard] is my trainer and a man of God; and simply said am I walking or riding.  Before I could finish he said "I know you are a man of God, you are walking and when do WE leave?" I said I have not even finished telling you what it is. After I shared he said "if you will have me I will walk with you across Indiana, I have been praying about having the opportunity to walk across the state."  The rest is now or will be by God's grace history."  -Pastor Bryan Reeves

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