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How to use social sharing like a #pro

The success of Attention for Ascension relies on God…and the ability of our supporters to effectively share the story. But let's face it: not all of us understand how effective a share can be…or how to share effectively. So let me give you the first of three easy tips.

#1 Always Personalize

Your friends and family are interested in you! So when you share, don’t hit “share now”…instead click “share to feed”. This allows you to tell the people who care about you why you care about Attention for Ascension. Not only does it provide them more insight into what is important to you…but the chances of them taking time to learn more about Ascension increases greatly. Lots of “share now” posts can be misinterpreted for an ad.

This tip was written with Facebook in mind, but it can easily translate into other social platforms. Personal touch goes a long way!

#2 Use hashtags

It’s easy to think that hashtags are just a fad. Turns out they are…and that’s exactly what makes them so incredibly helpful in creating Attention for Ascension. You see…hashtags are kind of like the Google of all things social media. Using a hashtag in your post links it with anyone else using that hashtag on whatever social platform you are on. Basically creating a collage themed around that hashtag. Next time you are on your favorite social…search #funnydogs (just a random example)…and you’ll see what I mean. So with Attention for Ascension…we are asking you to use #walk312. If you want to have an even greater impact…use additional hashtags. 3 or 4 are reasonable and will do the trick. Choose ones that you think Attention for Ascension would matter to: #Lutheranschools #help #nonprofit #Gary #Richtonpark #abcnewschicago (or any news channel along the route)

#3 Tag people/businesses

We all know at least one person who would care about what we are trying to do for Ascension. People who can help…or people who have a large following. This includes businesses, influencers, news channels, your own church, a town Pastor will walk near or through.Use @ and start typing the name.

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