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Ascension Lutheran
Christian School

The Story

Ascension serves as an institution of academic excellence and Christian service to the city of Gary, Indiana. Ascension is beacon of light and a place of stability for the scholars and their families alike.

Ascension launched five years ago in 2017 with the intention of starting small and adding a new grade level each year. Ascension currently serves students 5K-6th grade. The need to service more students and expand grades has been proven without a shadow of doubt, but Ascension is unable to do this due to educational and facility needs.

This is where YOU become a part of the story of Ascension Lutheran.

We need your help. We cannot move without God first and foremost...but we also cannot move without your support. It is our goal to raise 3.12 million dollars in order to help Ascension with the current academic and facility needs. We are in need more staff, more curriculums, the building needs painting, more technology, scholarships, new parking lot, new roof, updating to our electricity and plumbing. The amount of work to be done is truly overwhelming for us on our own. A true overhaul. But we believe God will use you to bless us so we can continue the ministry He has entrusted to us in the city of Gary.

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